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Intensive Reading: Chasing Chesir’s Dreams


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On a sunny afternoon, at the office of Chairman Su?Ertian.

Some sunlight shines on the sofa through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Behind the simple desk is a neat row of bookshelves. Outside the window is a panoramic view of the new city center of Liuzhou.As the chairman of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd., Mr. Su has extensive knowledge and insights, and has been interviewed by large and small media. However, this is the first time that he has been interviewed by his own staff.

In the eyes of many employees, Chairman Su is both majestic and close. He is both serious and gentle, and considerate.But at this moment, he is not the chairman who is busy all day, but an ordinary person who is slowly revealing his heart with wisdom shining in his eyes.

Editor: Mr. Su, what color do you think of dream?

Su:Dreams must be seven-colored, even shimmering with beautiful pearl.If red means passion, orange means pleasure, yellow means energy, blue means broad, and green means health …That’s for sure, every employee’s dream has several colors.As the chairman of Chesir, I have carried so many employees’ dreams, so my dream will naturally be seven-colored.

The Book of Songs says:”Why don’t you?go up the hill to hunt, but your?yard full of pigs?”In today’s society, expecting nothing for nothing can only accomplish nothing.The dreams that finally shine into reality have been deepened through hard work, and this is what I particularly want to share with my colleagues in Chesir.

Editor: What is your dream? Why did you choose the pearl industry? Can you talk about it?

Su:Liuzhou’s beautiful landscape has retained my wandering heart.With all my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, I worked hard all the way, and on the way, I gathered many precious things in life,such as a group of partners fought side by side, good friends who were willing to help me …Along the way, there were many hardships and pains that others cannot appreciate.I still enjoyed it. It is my dream of keeping going and not to lag behind others that supported me all the way .

After more than 20 years of hard work, I realized?that I must follow the path of knowledge innovation and sustainable development.The pearlescent material industry is just a “professional, refined, characteristic, novel” industry that meets this condition.And there are other unique natural advantages in developing this industry in Guangxi.After the continuous investigation and selection by the founding team of Chesir, the final decision was made after analyzing the market situation.That’s why the Chesir was created.I feel very lucky to be able to develop together with shareholders and employees at all levels in this field and compose our common Chesir’s dream.

Editor: In 2011, when the foundation of the Chesir was laid.From the full expectations of that day to the completion of the first phase of the project,Chesir has changed from a blueprint into a modern plant and high-rise building.What is your expectation of Chesir as the helmman?

Su:With the support and help of friends from the government and all walks of life, especially the Chesir’s founding team,Chesir is beginning to take shape, and the talent team is also growing.I am very grateful to them, and to every leader, friend, and colleague who worked hard for the progress of Chesir.

I have clear expectations for Chesir,?and that is to be the rule-maker of the pearlescent industry.Chesir?belong to?everyone, belong to all the people who?works for Chesirl, our spirit of common struggle is our corporate culture.

Editor: Speaking of?corporate culture, what kind of corporate culture do you think Chesir?should?make people feel?

Su:Everything in the world arises from existence, and existence arises from nothing.Everything in the world is born of the visible “existence”, but “existence” is born of the invisible “nothing”.Corporate culture is the “nothing” derived from management,it is intangible, but it really exists.I believe that maintaining a positive mental state at all times and working together for Chesir’s dream is our corporate culture.

Editor: The purpose of our company is to make progress with employees and grow up with consumers in a healthy way; to cooperate and win-win with those?people?in the?same?industry, and to contribute to social development. How did you interpret this sentence?

Su:The enterprise is a big stage and a platform for employees to provide their talents.In fact, the achievement of personal achievements is accomplished in the process of achieving the highest ideals of the company.We are willing to inspire everyone’s personal talents, exert their maximum value in their respective positions, and be pragmatic and innovative.Only in this way can everyone realize their self-worth on the company’s platform, promote the company to keep moving forward and approaching the goal.

On the way to dream,consumers’?demands are the driving force for us to improve,collaborators are partners who help us achieve our dreams,only in line with their goals can our corporate dreams come true.

To be the rule-maker of the industry.What a neat sentence!

The pearl industry is an emerging industry. In this field, many things are blank.The current pearl industry market is full of various small and scattered manufacturing companies.It can be said that the current sales market has no established rules at all, and the order is relatively chaotic, and there is no leading enterprise that can lead the industry——This is a completely new field and requires a enterprise?with dream to accomplish the goals set by industry standards.And the person who dug this blank is the leadership team of Chesir.Therefore, realizing the dream of Chesir is not only a historical mission, but also a corporate social responsibility.

Historical opportunity chose Chesir at this moment,Chesir has chosen each of our employees at this moment.All this is not accidental, it is inevitable.It is the dream that moves forward.Dreams bring us together and work for this goal.So let go and fight hard, Chesir’s dream is not far ahead!

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