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CHESIR passed the third level of safety production standardization?review


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On August 19, 2020, the Liuzhou Emergency Management Bureau organized a review team composed of production safety experts to review the level 3 compliance of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. safety production standardization. Zhou Fangchao, deputy general manager of Chesir, led the heads of relevant departments to participate in this review meeting.

After the review team arrives, it will first hold the first meeting of the review work in accordance with the review procedures to listen to the company’s work safety report. Subsequently, the review team carried out one by one the development of the company’s 13 aspects of safety standardization by consulting data, on-site inspections, and conversations in accordance with the “Basic Standards for Enterprise Safety Production Standardization” and “Building Materials Enterprise Safety Production Standardization Evaluation Standards”. Which are the company?safety goals,?organization,?safety investment,?enforcement of safety laws and regulations,?safety education and training,?equipment and facility management,?job safety management,?hidden danger investigation and rectification,?hazard monitoring,?occupational Health,?emergency rescue incident management and performance evaluation

At the final meeting, Zhou Boxiong, the leader of the assessment team, notified the overall review situation and announced that Chesir had successfully reached the third-level enterprise safety standardization standard in this assessment. This review is an affirmation of the company’s efforts to ensure safe production. On behalf of the company, Zhou ?Fangchao expressed his gratitude to the review team for their hard work, and promised to immediately formulate measures for the shortcomings found in this review, earnestly implement rectification, and continuously strengthen the standardized construction of Chesir safety production.

The construction of safety production standardization is a process of dynamic development, continuous improvement and perfection, which will not be accomplished overnight, nor can it be done once and for all. Promoting the work of safety production standardization is a basic, long-term, forward-looking, strategic and fundamental work to strengthen the work safety of enterprises. This requires all departments and production units of the company to take this review meeting as an opportunity to continue, do a solid job of safety production, strive to improve the level of safety production management, and promote the company to become a second-level enterprise of safety production standardization.

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