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Autonomous Region Chief of Science and Technology Cao Kunhua and other leaders visited Chesir?Pearlescent?Inspection


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On December 4, Cao Kunhua, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Guangxi Autonomous Region,Deputy Director Tang Xianlai and leaders of related departments?accompanied by the Standing Committee of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy?Mayor Wang Wei,Secretary of Luzhai County Party Committeeand?He Shiqi and?other leaders to inspect the work.Chesir’s Vice Chairman Zheng Shizhan, Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangchao, Chief Engineer Professor Fu Jiansheng, and other leaders greeted Minister Cao and his team.

Director Cao Kunhua was very concerned about the work of the Chesir Pearlescent technology innovation, and asked in detail about the application of the Chesir Pearlescent products and the related situation of scientific and technological innovation.Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangchao reported to Director Cao the situation of Chesir Pearlescent?in recent years in science and technology research and development investment, talent introduction, technological achievements transformation, intellectual property protection.On behalf of the company, he thanked the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department and Director Cao Kunhua for their long-term care and support for Chesir Pearlescent.Director Cao Kunhua also exchanged in-depth discussions with Professor Fu Jiansheng on the manufacturing principles of pearlescent materials, application field expansion and future technology development trends.

Director Cao Kunhua said that pearlescent materials and synthetic mica have a wide range of applications, and there is a great market demand.Moreover,Chesir Pearlescent has the leading edge in technology in the industry, and is fully capable of having the potential to develop faster and better. Enlarging and strengthening the pearlescent material industry chain is of great significance to enhance the overall development level of Guangxi new materials.The Department of Science and Technology will increase its support for Chesir Pearlescent Technology Innovation, and support Chesir ?Pearlescent in applying for autonomous region-level engineering technology centers.It is hoped that Chesir?Pearlescent will be rapidly expanded and become a leading company in the industry through technological innovation.

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