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Implementing the requirements of the party’s central government to serve the development of private enterprises, the Liuzhou Taxation Bureau?went into Chesir Pearlescent and?guided the taxation work


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On November 22, in order to implement the spirit of the development of private enterprises in the party Central Committee, the autonomous region and the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee,Yang Yaling, Chief of the Income Tax Section,Deputy Chief Liu Zhenghao, Mi Xiangxiang and other leaders led by Tang Yingzhao, Deputy Director of the Taxation Bureau of Liuzhou City,accompanied by the leaders of Luzhai County Taxation Bureau Li Guanghui and other leaders,went deep into Chesir Pearlescent to?guide the taxation work.Chesir’s chairman Su Ertian, Party Branch Secretary, Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangchao and colleagues from the Finance Department warmly welcomed.

Deputy Director Tang Yingzhao and other leaders went deep into the production line and R & D laboratory of Chesir?Pearlescent workshop, carefully investigated the production process and research and development process of pearlescent materials, and conducted on-site guidance with Chesir Pearlescent finance department on corporate tax work.Deputy Director Tang Yingzhao said in the exchange guidance meeting that, as a fast-growing high-tech enterprise, Chesir Pearlescent has experienced rapid tax growth in recent years,and becoming an important tax source in Liuzhou, which fully illustrates the great development prospects of this industry.The tax department of Liuzhou City must conscientiously implement the spirit of serving the development of private enterprises by the Party Central Committee, the Autonomous Region, and the Party Committee Government of Liuzhou City,not only to guide Chesir Pearlescent from the policy and regulations to embark on the path of normalization, but also to deeply understand the various business links of Qize Pearlescent production, supply, sales, research,understand the human resources of Chesir Pearlescent, especially the status of enterprise management and technical leaders, and do a good job of serving the company around the needs of the company and industry.

Chairman Su?Ertian, on behalf of the company, expressed his deep gratitude for the long-term care and support of the seven-color pearl by the city and county tax departments.He said that with the support of the tax bureaus at the city and county levels,Chesir Pearlescent?has grown healthily and rapidly, especially the tax management model of “one-to-one” service enterprises implemented by the tax bureaus at the city and county levels,and provides rapid policy support and assistance to solve various tax issues encountered during the growth of the company. Tax officials take the initiative to come to the company to interpret the policies and pre-audited statements, and guide the company face to face and hand in hand.The related tax risks of the enterprise have been effectively controlled, and the company has received many tax benefits and services in a timely manner. The company focused on the tax incentives?it has invested in high-tech research and development, capacity enhancement and participation in international competition, which has effectively promoted the company’s development.

Since 2015, Chesir Pearlescent?signed the Agreement on Tax Tripartite Compliance Cooperation with Luzhai County National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau at that time,the tax personnel of the tax departments at the city and county levels changed their past working mode and became active on-site service companies.Colleagues from the Chesir Pearlescent Finance Department have also changed from fear of tax officials coming to welcome them,and dare to ask for advice from tax officials.Many problems were solved in the in-depth communication and helped Chesir Pearlescent solve various tax issues encountered in the development of intellectual property transfer, international trade import and export, and overseas investment.

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