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Prof. Gong Fayun, Vice President of Hubei University of Technology, and his party visited Chesir Pearlescent


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On August 5th, in the hot summer and with deep friendship, the vice president of Hubei University of Technology, Professor Gong Fayun, led the director of the archives, Professor Xiao Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Materials and Chemistry,Professor Hu Huawei, Dean of the Marxism School,Professor Sun Houquan,Deputy Dean of School of Materials Chemistry and Director of Chesir Pearlescent New Material R&D Center,Yang Haitao,President of Guangxi Alumni Association of Hubei University of Technologyand Ma Tianyuan, and other leaders to visit Chesir Pearlescent,kindly visited Prof. Fu Jiansheng, who works at Chesir Pearlescent, and Su Ertian, an adjunct professor at Hubei University of Technology, and had a discussion with the senior team of Chesir Pearlescent.The leaders of Chesir, Mr. Su Ertian, the director and deputy general manager Jin Zengqin, and the deputy general manager of the party branch secretary Zhou Fangchao and other leaders warmly welcomed President Gong and his party.

Prof. Jiansheng Fu introduced to President Gong the achievements since the cooperation between the school and the enterprise.Since the establishment of the “Chesir Pearlescent New Materials R & D Center” jointly established by Hubei University of Technology and Chesir Pearlescent,according to market demand, we have achieved a number of important results in product research and development and product application research and development, and have made positive contributions to school academic and corporate performance

Vice President Gong Fayun said that since Hubei University of Technology and Chesir Pearlescent?established the industry-university-research cooperation, under the leadership of Professor Su?Ertian and Professor Fu Jiansheng,both sides have invested a lot of resources, and the exchanges and interactions are very close. A lot of work has been done in scientific and technological research and development, talent training, exchanges and cooperation, and good results have been achieved,in particular, the Chesir ?Pearlescent new material research and development center jointly established by Chesir Pearlescent and Hubei University of Technology has provided a good fulcrum and platform for cooperation between the two parties.

Chairman Su Ertian thanked President Gong and many leaders of Hubei University of Technology for their long-term care and support for the Chesir Pearlescent.And he hoped that the two sides of the school and enterprise will strengthen and deepen cooperation on the existing basis, integrate the resources of the two sides of the school and enterprise, give full play to their advantages, and promote the school and enterprise to jointly improve science and technology and personnel training,help the company to become a world-leading new material enterprise at an early date, and become a model of school-enterprise “production, learning, research” cooperation.

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