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Guangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau’s New Third Board Enterprise (Liuzhou Area) Symposium Held in Chesir Pearlescent


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On July 6, Wan Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Guangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, led Director Zhou Haidong?and Director Gao Ruiqi and his delegation to the investigation and investigation of Chesir?accompanied by Jiang Hongkun, deputy director of Liuzhou Finance Office,Ma Yaozhou, Member of the Standing Committee of Luzhai County,and held a forum on the new third board enterprises in Liuzhou District.On behalf of Luzhai County Party Committee and County Government, Executive Deputy Magistrate Ma Yaozhou extended a warm welcome to Director Wan Jun and the guests.

Accompanied by the chairman of the company such as Chairman of Su?Ertian, Director Wan Jun and representatives of various enterprises visited the company’s product exhibition hall and production line, and listened to Su?Ertian’s report on the product, the company’s production and operation situation, and the development plan.Later, Director Wan Jun held discussions with representatives of the board of directors and secretaries of the new third board companies.Everyone expressed opinions and suggestions on the current problems of the NEEQ market and the future development of the NEEQ,the leaders at the meeting fully communicated.

Director Wan Jun expressed his appreciation for the good results of the New Third Board Company in the Liuzhou area under the current market situation, and also pointed out the deficiencies in the development of the New Third Board company.He said that the listed companies on the New Third Board have a strong demonstration and driving effect on Guangxi’s economic development.For many years, the New Third Board has adopted a flexible and standardized operating model to promote continuous improvement in operating performance,promote the continuous improvement of operating performance, establish a good image of listed companies in Guangxi, and make important contributions to the development of Guangxi’s economy.In the future, it will deepen the information communication and business exchange with the Liuzhou New Third Board listed company, and fully support and serve the development of the New Third Board listed company.While encouraging all entrepreneurs to make persistent efforts, Director Wan Jun urged everyone to do a good job of standardized management of enterprises in accordance with the law.

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