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Wang Wei, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Mayor of Liuzhou Municipal Committee?and Deputy Mayor, visited Chesir Pearlescent to conduct research


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On June 25th, Wang Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, led Guan Weirong, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,Jiang Hongkun, Deputy Director of the Municipal Finance Office,Chen Gang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission,Director,Tang Mingrong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development Research Center,accompanied by leaders such as the mayor of Luzhai County,Kuang qu, County Government Office Director Zhou Fudao, Director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee Wu Dongning,visit Chesir Pearlescent to understand the development and operation of the company in depth, and host a work promotion seminar on site.The chairman and general manager of Chesir, Su Ertian, accompanied the investigation.

Chairman Su Ertian reported to Vice Mayor Wang Wei in detail about the development of the company and its future development plans.Chairman Su Ertian said that after years of development, Chesir?has been at the industry-leading level in terms of?technology, scale, and brand.At present, the company has begun to enter a stage of rapid development. The company needs to focus on existing advantages and resource conditions, accelerate strategic layout, and strive to create a higher development platform.For many years, Liuzhou and Luzhai County Party Committees and the government have long been concerned about and support the development of Chesir.Chesir must strive to do a good job in the industry and strive to repay the Party committee and government’s support with better performance.

At the symposium, Vice Mayor Wang Wei also asked about the difficulties encountered by the company during the development process, and made corresponding policy analysis and work guidance for related issues,actively assist the company in resolving difficulties.He pointed out that the Chesir Pearlescent industry has obvious advantages, outstanding market competitiveness, and broad future development space. Government departments should strengthen their support for Chesir Pearlescent, effectively help enterprises solve development problems, and escort enterprises for further growth.


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