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Zhong Huichao, the Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region and the Director of the Intellectual Property Office, visited the Chesir Pearlescent Investigation


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On March 29, Zhong Huichao, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region and Director of the Intellectual Property Office,Cai Chaoliang,Director of the Comprehensive Office of the Intellectual Property Office, Gong Xiaoshan, Director of the Planning and Coordination Office,Liang Tao, Deputy Director of the Patent Management Office, accompanied by Lu Bo, member of the Liuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, and Jin Yongping, head of the Intellectual Property Division.Go to Guangxi Chesir Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd. to carry out research and investigate the production of pearlescent materials in-depth in the workshop. Chesir’s Vice Chairman Zheng Shizhan, and Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangchao ?accompanied the investigation.

Chesir Pearlescent is the “2017 National Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise” determined by the State Intellectual Property Office.All along, Chesir has incorporated intellectual property management into the company’s strategic plan, always adheres to innovation-driven, deeply focuses on industry development, and highlights the “technologically advanced” development thinking.By increasing investment in scientific research, setting up industry-leading research and development teams, and carrying out industry-university-research cooperation, it gathers innovation resources and promotes industrialization of technology patents.Driven by intellectual property, the company has achieved sustained and rapid development of the enterprise in just a few years.

Zhou Fangchao, deputy general manager, made a comprehensive report to the research team on the current status of IPR, research and development direction, innovation results display and next step work plan of Chesir.Chesir?pays special attention to the protection of intellectual property.Since its establishment, Chesir has actively carried out the construction of the intellectual property system and established a standardized, systematic and scientific intellectual property management system.And successfully passed the certification of the intellectual property management system, helping ?Chesir to maximize the benefits of intellectual property, guaranteeing the preservation and appreciation of technological achievements, and promoting the enhancement of independent innovation capabilities, thus winning a strong market competitive advantage for Chesir.

Deputy Commissioner Zhong Huichao spoke highly of the achievements of Chesir in the areas of corporate development and intellectual property protection,and pointed out that the fundamental of enterprise development is innovation, and intellectual property has played a key role in the innovation and development of enterprises.As a leading high-tech enterprise in the domestic industry, Chesir should always focus on the frontiers of the world and continuously strengthen technological innovation.While achieving technological innovation, it is also necessary to further enhance the creation, protection, and use of intellectual property rights of enterprises, so that intellectual property rights can bring stronger core competitiveness to enterprises, and strive to achieve international leading goals at an early date.

Zhou Fangchao said that Chesir’s years of continuous business growth have been inseparable from the development of patent utilization and industrialization.On the road of patent industrialization, the Intellectual Property Office of the Autonomous Region and Liuzhou City has always been concerned about supporting the company’s intellectual property work for many years.An intellectual property rights protection assistance workstation has also been set up within the company to provide the company with professional services on intellectual property rights, help the company solve various problems encountered in its work, and effectively protect the company’s development.Faced with the continuous and rapid development of the enterprise in the future,Chesir will continue to raise awareness of intellectual property protection, strengthen brand protection, and promote enterprise development to a new level.

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