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Guangxi Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and Chesir?Jointly Promote the Standardization of Pearlescent Materials


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On the morning of April 7, Su Caihe, Director of the Standardization Division of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region, led the team to Chesir,?and had in-depth talks with the person in charge of?Chesir?about the promotion of pearlescent materials and enterprise standardization.

In view of the great significance of the standardization of pearlescent materials for the development of local economic construction in Guangxi, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Guangxi Autonomous Region attaches great importance to the construction of?Chesir’s pearlescent standardization.

Mr.Su said that ?in April, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the autonomous region would organize experts to review and release the three local quality and technical standard on the pearlescent materials and synthetic mica which Chesir applied for.Guangxi Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau had started the preparation work of Guangxi Pearlescent Materials Standardization Technical Committee, and strived to be established in Chesir before May.

Mr.Su?and his team visited the production and R & D department of Chesir on site, and highly praised the progress?of?Chesir?standardization and?the?achievements.And Mr.Su said that in recent years, Chesir had done a lot of basic work in the standardization of pearlescent materials, and the company’s senior management attaches great importance to the promotion of standardization, which had played a positive role in promoting the development of the pearlescent materials industry.The next step is to promote the development of China’s pearlescent materials industry to a higher level throught the construction of local and national industry standards.

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